Nóri Kovács

On November 21, the Canadian tour of Nóri Kovács, under the banner “I sing my mind freely”, has arrived on our shores. In nearly three weeks, Nóri has graced the stages of eight cities, taking her fans and the public back to a soul-refreshing journey into the Carpathian Basin’s rich folkloric heritage.Nóri Kovács In the 90 minutes program we could indulge in the shear beauty of authentic folk-songs, some of them in modern arrangements, and through a couple of Christmas carols we could ready ourselves to the up and coming festivities. It proved to be a clever selection, since it appealed to every age-group in the audience. The performer through her spontaneous charm connected immediately with the public and, beside describing the sometimes adventurous field-trips during which a folk-song is found, recorded, analyzed, authenticated and how it reaches, finally, the stage, she has also involved the audience in a lively sing-along. Following the concert, she stayed over for our folk-dance party, as well.