Hungarian Grants and Programs

Hungary Live Logo H-Net through TheLiveTeacher (TLT – started a program called Hungary Live, in 2013. The project provides an efficient platform for the Hungarian diaspora to get them involved with the Hungarian culture by strengthening their international Hungarian network and reaching out to the second and third generation Hungarians. H-Net is using an interactive, online communication and teaching system called Through its Hungary Live program (, the project helps becoming familiar with the Hungarian heritage, history, culture, and language. The program is available in both Hungarian and English, and it utilizes Ustream communication, a Hungarian internet technology used around the globe.

Hungarian organizations worldwide, especially churches, schools and scout groups play an important role to make this program succesful, because they represent the pillars of Hungarian culture living in diaspora. We hope that with your and these organisations’ support, the Hungary Live program will be available to as many Hungarians as possible, and will help them discover the Hungarian culture and language around the world.