Organizational Structure

The mandate of the NAHC is to promote the cultural life of the Hungarian communities in Canada. Its key strategies include good organization, efficient team work, and the support by the Hungarian communities nationwide. The organization is lead by the Board of Commons formed by the representatives of the member organizations and local chapters, and the Board of Directors executing the decisions of the Board of Commons and managing the business of the organization. The NAHC is a non-for profit organization officially registered with Industry Canada. It operates on principles, rules and regulations described in the following documents:

Board of Directors

Gábor Vaski (Burlington, ON) Financial advisor, founder and president of the Extra Hungariam Foundation, ex-president of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Canada.
Tibor Ábrahám (Vancouver, BC) Construction entrepreneur, ex-president of the Hungarian Cultural Society in Vancouver, associate president of the Hungarian Diaspora Council in Canada.
Vice-President, Media Relations
Dr. Tibor Lapohos (Ottawa, ON) Electrical engineer, co-founder and vice president of the Hungarian Students Society in Kolozsvár, long-time teacher of Hungarian folk dance to children, currently, the president of the Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre.
Vice-President, Cultural Affairs
Dr. Tibor Lapohos (acting)
Enikő Nagy (Montréal, QC) Founding member of the Csillagösvény Society, Montréal.
Mária Jacsó (Toronto, ON)