Celebrating the Hungarian Way

“Kör közepén állok, Körbevesznek jó barátok, Körbevesznek jó barátok és rosszak…” (“I’m standing in the middle of the circle surrounded by good friends and bad ones, too. . .”) These are some lyrics that all Hungarians start humming as they read them. If you are Hungarian, you know what to do when you hear the “Limbó-hintó” (Limbo coach) is coming, or the “A vonat nem vár” (”The train won’t wait”)… Every nation celebrates in different ways. There are songs, movies, tales, culinary specialties that everybody knows. Somehow the song lyrics get stuck in your head, and even if you have the worst memory, you can easily remember the words of those songs forever. You didn’t learn them in school, or memorized at the university, you just know them.

Songs, such as Hűtlen, Éjjel érkezem, Mi vagyunk a rock, Kölyköd voltam, Gyere őrült, Elhagyom a várost… to name a few of the many songs by EDDA Művek (EDDA Works) that everybody can recall within seconds of hearing them. This was not the first time Attila Pataky, the leader and lead singer of the band, has visited the country. In 2013, he had a seven-stop tour across Canada. This year the band have had concerts in Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge with three more stops to go in Edmonton (April, 6), Calgary (April, 7), and Vancouver (April, 8).The concert starts with Attila reading out loud from his new book, titled “Mi vagyunk a rock” (We are the rock). He takes questions from the audience, and gives honest answers, about the band, his family, or his spirituality. The concert creates a great atmosphere. The audience enjoys the show so much that they sing together with Attila. After the concert DJ Gary spins retro tunes, with all the Hungarian classics from the ’70’s and ’80’s. Even the members of the older generation dance like youngsters for a few hours.

The Canadian Pataky tour is organized by National Alliance of Hungarians in Canada (NAHC). Mr. Gábor Vaski, the president of the NAHC, greeted the audience in the three cities and opened the shows. One of the main goals of NAHC is to promote and distribute the Hungarian language, cultural heritage, history, folklore and traditions among the Hungarian communities in Canada.

Concerts like these, make a great opportunity for Hungarians to celebrate together. The shows were enjoyed by performers and audience alike, and hopefully it is not the last time Pataky will visit Canada.

Photos about the event are posted here.
Sára Lehoczki, KCSP, Toronto