Classical Music Shaken, Not Stirred

a Felicián Kalmus concert

organised by the Extra Hungariam Foundation.

With the collaboration of the NAHC, the concert is partly in support of the Hungarian minorities in Ukraine.


Besides the greatest classical pieces, Felicián’s concert encompasses movie soundtracks, folk songs and compositions of his own.

Everything he plays is soaked with his own characteristic style which opens the heart towards classical music with ease.

Felicián guides his listeners into and through a very colourful musical world. He combines the classical and electronically generated sounds and elements effortlessly, and he always brings his cello in the forefront at the exactly right time.

During summer of 2018 his very first album entitled “Great Great Grandma” appeared revealing his daring adaptations of well known Hungarian folk song motifs. The motto of the album is: “My great-great grandmother’s songs in my world”.

Canadaian Tour 2019

  • October 25th – Halifax
  • October 26th – Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre
  • October 27th – Csillagösvény Association, Montreál
  • November 1st – Mindszenty Hall, Windsor
  • November 2nd – Toronto
  • November 3rd – Roman Catholic Church, Hamilton
MNA Magyar Nemzetpolitikai Államtitkárság
HU Bethlen Gábor Foundation

Fight for Freedom

Theatrical play

Written by: Rozália Brestyánszki Boros


János Arany and everyone else: Béla Kálló actor from Szabadka
Sándor Petőfi: Péter Lóránt Tóth wayfaring reciter of fine poetry, educator


Playtime: 60 min, in Hungarian

Near documentary drama. Based on the friendship of two of the brightest stars of the Hungarian fine literature, János Arany and Sándor Petőfi, the play depicts events that give us an insight into the hottest era of the Hungarian history surrounding the revolution and fight for freedom of 1848-1849, as well as the personality of the two poets.

Thanks to the support of the Hungarian National Advisory Board and to the organization of the Hungarian Education Association of Vajdaság (Voivodina, Serbia), by end of December 2018, the piece was played on stage in 30 locations of Délvidék. The actors are hoping to present the play in many more locations in the Carpathian Basin.

The premier took place on the 31st of May 2018 in the VM4K Studio of Szabadka.

Canadian Shows

March 2019:

  • 8th – Parameter Club, Toronto, ON
  • 9th – Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre, Ottawa, ON
  • 10th – Csillagösvény Association, Montreál, QC
  • 12th – Dartmouth, NS
  • 15th – Kossuth Hall, Cambridge, ON
  • 16th – Mindszenty Hall-Hungarian Cultural Centre, Windsor, ON
  • 17th – Roman Catholic church, Hamilton, ON
MNT The recitals in Délvidék are supported by the Hungarian National Advisory Board.
StudioArt The Canadian tour is supported by Studio Art association. The tour is organized by the NAHC.
Toronto – Ottawa – Montréal – Dartmouth – Cambridge – Windsor – Hamilton

If You Only New…

a concert by the Hungarikum Ensembleplakát

  • musical poems
  • Hungarian folk songs
  • own compositions
  • songs praising God

The Hungarikum group has been performing for over seven years, during which its repertoire has grown continuously. Hungarikum translates old folk songs into our present day lives, uses own compositions and arrangements to give momentum to our thoughts, nourishes our souls with divine songs, and highlights the literary text when adapts poetry in a musical framework.

The instruments include – guitar, benjitar, ukulele, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, flutes, and mesmerizing vocals.

They feel it in their bones that traditions oblige. Their unique sound is modern and archaic at the same time. Their credo is:

“Present the song, don’t abuse it”

What this really means to say is that they love singing for what the songs mean to them, and not for showing off themselves. They make their presence felt in this machine dominated world, and that’s important.

jelvényHungarikum web page


2018 September

  • 21 – Kossuth Hall, Cambridge
  • 22 – Mindszenty Hall, Windsor
  • 23 – RC Church, Hamilton
  • 27 – Parameter Club, Toronto
  • 29 – Ottawa Hungarian CC
  • 30 – Presbyterian Church, Montréal


jelvényKMOSZ címer The Canadian tour is sponsored by Studio Art, and it is organized by the NAHC: Cambridge – Windsor – Hamilton – Toronto – Ottawa – Montréal

43 Years in the Centre of the Circle

Meet Attila Pataky: The secrets of 43 years
Retro Disco with D.J. Gary (AUS)



  • Friday, March 31 – Hungarian Community Centre, Toronto
  • Saturday, April 1 – St. Stephen Church, Hamilton
  • Sunday, April 2 – Kossuth Hall, Cambridge
  • Friday, April 7 – Hungarian Community Centre, Calgary
  • Saturday, April 8 – Hungarian Community Centre, Vancouver
  • Sunday, April 9 – Hungarian Community Centre, Victoria
KMOSZ címer The Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC. Toronto – Hamilton – Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo – Calgary – Vancouver – Victoria

The Great Hungarian Silence in (Czecho)Slovakia

A monodrama with humour

Written by: László Soóky
Directed and performed by: Géza Benkő
Dramaturg: Emese Varga


„This story tells us about the small details of the minority life that we think are not important. Our forefathers experienced them, we experience them every day, and yet we think our story is not important to anybody. But what is important and what isn’t is decided by important people who declare it in glorifying speeches. We have the silence, faith and cheer that are rooted in our humanity and decency. This is what we will bequeath on this land when our language can be read only on our epitaphs.”

(László Soóky, translation by NAHC)


  • Saturday, April 1 – Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre, Ottawa
  • Sunday, April 2 – First Presbyterian Church, Montréal
  • Friday, April 7 – Parameter Club, Toronto
  • Saturday, April 8 – Kossuth Hall, Cambridge
  • Sunday, April 9 – Mindszenty Hall, Windsor
KMOSZ címer The Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC. Ottawa – Montréal – Toronto – Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo – Windsor

About the Play

jelenetThe Great Hungarian Silence in (Czecho)Slovakia is a monodrama that is not about the life of a man but about a community. The story of the Hungarian community in Slovakia is told through the life of a person with a perspective in history. It is like a modern tale: once upon a time comrade Stalin died, then so did comrade Gottwald too… – as the author sets the historical time frame, he is jumping freely between the time zones overlapping the minority life in Slovakia; a close-up look at one man.

The world is reflected in his eyes; a period of history is replayed in his mind, not facts and statistics but the perceived and real tragedies, memories, stories from the past. And the rest is silence…

Trailer Interview

The play made its debut on February 27, 2016, in Komárom, at the Officers’ Hall and it was a great success.

About the Actor

Géza Benkő
Géza Benkő
Géza Benkő grew up in Királyhelmec, Felvidék (part of Slovakia). He started his career at the Thalia theatre in Kassa followed by the Jókai theatre at Komárom where he worked as a stage manager. Soon he started his studies at the College of Arts and Drama at Pozsony where received his degree. His first assignment as an actor was at the City Theatre at Nagyszombat followed by the Jókai theatre. He also worked as an actor in Győr, Dublin, Ireland, and currently at the Thalia theatre in Kassa. His repertoire involves 33 major stage roles and 17 roles in films. The Great Hungarian Silence in (Czecho)Slovakia is his debut performance as a director.

Egmont Overture

A Hungarian theatrical compilation in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution in 1956

Performers: 8-kor Színház (the theater group at 8 PM is from Sárospatak, Hungary)



  • Saturday, February 25 – St. Stephen Church, Hamilton
  • Sunday, February 26 – Kossuth Hall, Cambridge
  • Friday, March 3 – Parameter Club, Toronto
  • Saturday, March 4 – Ottawa Hungarian Community Centre, Ottawa
  • Sunday, March 5 – First Presbyterian Church, Montréal
logoThe event is sponsored by the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight 60th Anniversary Memorial Board, Hungary
HU címerThe Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC. Toronto – Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo – Hamilton – Ottawa – Montréal.

Recital Program

The „Egmont Ouverture” contains archival elements from the events in 1956 (Egmont Ouverture, street fights, news on radio, speeches Imre Nagy), poetry, prose and songs:

  • József Utassy: Toast
  • Adorján – Kocsis: What Was 1956?
  • Jenő Heltai: Freedom
  • Attila Gérecz: Chrismas Song in the Prison
  • Milán Füst: I’d Like to Break into Sobs
  • Alajos Kannás: Sooty Stones
  • Lóránt Zas: In November
  • Kocsák – Miklós: Budapest (Travelling)
  • Kormorán – Ferenc Juhász: Fragment of Anthem
  • Kormorán: The Ballad of Gergő Kurán
  • Kormorán: Iván Ruszki (1956. Who Is Hungarian…)
  • Kormorán: Lost Handshake
  • Kormorán: What Is My Sin? (Elektra Forever)
  • Kormorán: Contemporary Inauguration
  • Kormorán – József Ratkó: One Bed, One Bread

About the Artists

  • Béla Bálint – Producing and Logistics Manager, Advisor
  • József Donkó – Actor
  • Mónika Karacs – Actor, Instrumentalist
  • Zsolt Nagy – Actor
  • István Sipos – Music Director, Technician, Instrumentalist

The 8-kor Szíház Group won several awards:
– Comenius Medal
– Ex Libris Award for the Hungarian Art
– Botond Pécsvárady Award
– Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County’s Award for Creativity
– Gold Cross for National Heritage
– Honorary Citizens of Koltó Community

The group works and lives by its creed: „to be Hungarian is our mandate!

Railway Station (Vasútállomás)

Poetry and prose written by Attila József

posterStand-up presenter: Péter Lóránt Tóth winner of Radnóti and Latinovits Awards.

The railway station. Nobody’s land.

Outside: tracks running into the distance, rails that never join. Inside: the final wish of a soul, longing incessantly: ”If only I could just grab a ticket and travel to my inner self!…

The helpless wait of a former foster child who missed the last train: voiced inner monologues for those who would listen and join the fray.

A novel representation of Attila József – a broad canvass about love, faith, inner peace and intransigence.

HU címerThe Canadian tour is organized by the NAHC. Toronto – Ottawa – Montréal – Hamilton – Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo – Windsor


  • Friday, February 10, Toronto, Paraméter Klub • Railway Station; József Attila pódium est
  • Saturday, February 11, Ottawa, Ottawai Magyar Ház • Railway Station – József Attila pódium est
  • Sunday, February 12, Montréal, Első Magyar Református Egyház • A rendhagyó irodalomóra az iskolában • Railway Station – József Attila pódium est
  • Tuesday, February 14, Hamiltoni Magyar Iskola • Rendhagyó irodalomóra az iskolában
  • Wednesday, February 15, Cambridge, Kossuth Ház • Rendhagyó irodalomóra a Guelphi Magyar Iskola és a Kitcheneri Magyar Iskola részére
  • Friday, February 17, Windsor, Mindszenty Hall • Railway Station – József Attila pódium est
  • Saturday, February 18, Windsor, Magyar Iskola • Rendhagyó irodalomóra

Nóri Kovács

On November 21, the Canadian tour of Nóri Kovács, under the banner “I sing my mind freely”, has arrived on our shores. In nearly three weeks, Nóri has graced the stages of eight cities, taking her fans and the public back to a soul-refreshing journey into the Carpathian Basin’s rich folkloric heritage.Nóri Kovács In the 90 minutes program we could indulge in the shear beauty of authentic folk-songs, some of them in modern arrangements, and through a couple of Christmas carols we could ready ourselves to the up and coming festivities. It proved to be a clever selection, since it appealed to every age-group in the audience. The performer through her spontaneous charm connected immediately with the public and, beside describing the sometimes adventurous field-trips during which a folk-song is found, recorded, analyzed, authenticated and how it reaches, finally, the stage, she has also involved the audience in a lively sing-along. Following the concert, she stayed over for our folk-dance party, as well.

Sárdy, My Love

The passion of a woman once in love with the renowned singer János Sárdy comes to life when her grandson finds her diary. By switching back-and-forth between the roles of the three principal characters, and some others, this one-act monodrama brings to life some of the most beautiful songs of the 20th century singer János Sárdy, as well as a wealth of human feelings and values.

A report (in Hungarian) about the show in Montréal is here.